MINIWIZ Universal Phone Pouch

Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria

Our phone pouch combines fashion, sustainability, functionality, and antibacterial features. We infuse positively charged silver ions into our proprietary fibers to stop microbes from spreading. This removes bacteria from your phone every time you use it. The pouch is more than a product - it is a better lifestyle choice aiming to keep you healthy.
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Made using upcycled waste

Made from 2 recycled water bottles and fused with silver-ion injected fibers, the product is not only environmentally friendly, but meticulously designed to be minimal, multipurpose, and recycled again.

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Key Features

Bespoke Design, Ultimate Quality

Made from specialty fibers proven to stop bacteria from spreading.

Sustainable, environmental, designed to be recycled again.

Lightweight, minimal and fits most phones & cases.

Multipurpose: Carries phones, IDs, credit cards, money.

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Production Process

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