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Approximately 800 million tons of plastics leak into the ocean every year; that equates to a full garbage-truck load every single minute. If the current trend continues, we will have more plastic in the ocean than fish by weight by 2050. However, there is value in plastics and we should capture instead of dumping it.

Founded and headquartered in Taiwan with offices in Milan, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai, MINIWIZ captures the value of single-use plastic, metal, glass, by transforming industrial and household wastes into sustainable building materials, building modules, specialty fabrics, designer furniture and interior fixtures. After 15 years of intense research and development, MINIWIZ is offering its value proposition to the market and accelerating its customer base. Innovation and creative engineering never stop at MINIWIZ; new applications are being discovered. The company is making a meaningful difference in many areas particularly in long-life-cycle building and interior fixtures.

MINIWIZ’s selected customers include Dominique Crenn (Salesforce Tower), Nike, Phillip Morris, McDonalds, Jackie Chan, LVMH, Prada, Zegna and Prince Albert Foundation in Monaco.

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